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Lake Effect

Lake Effect 1

There a phenomenon in Michigan and the surrounding Great Lake States called the Lake Effect. Though it happens in every season it’s at its best in the winter. Lake Effect is a fickle creature whose rains and snows are at the mercy of the direction and strength of the wind. If you’ve ever lived in this area you understand.

One minute it can look like the Lake Effect 1 Pic. 

Magnificently big snowflakes cascading to the ground.  Covering everything in sight and five minutes later –

You get this, the Lake Effect 2 pic,with the sun reflecting off the snow-covered landscape.

Lake Effect 2

For us it is Lake Michigan that gives us this wonderfully fickle weather.  In summer our area can be bathed in sunshine with the temperature around 90 degrees and 80 percent humidity.  Then the rumbling starts off to the west and black storm clouds begin to rise on horizon.  The leaves of the trees curl their underside upward and air turns an odd greenish color.  The heat is suddenly replaced by a chilly breeze that brings goosebumps up on your skin.  Then the downpour begins as puffs of dust rise with each raindrop and all you want to do is dance in it with your face turned up to the sky.  As suddenly as it started it is over, but there in the sky in all it’s jaw dropping wonder is the Lake Effect 3 pic.

Lake Effect 3

Lake Michigan moderates our weather.  It’s not quite as cold in the winter and for the most part not quite as hot in the summer as some of the surrounding area.  I lived for a while in Florida and I wouldn’t trade it for Michigan.  I couldn’t give up the long Summer days of garden bounties, vibrant colors of Fall, the pristine snow coverings of Winter, and the long-awaited colors and smells of Spring.  The seasons are the circle of my life.  I am totally, comfortably, excitedly, and passionately in love with where I live.

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