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Nelson’s Herb Shop

Nelson’s Herbs, 65391 Dailey Rd. Edwardsburg, MI


Summer Hours Start April 20th: 10am to 5pm Tuesday through Sunday,

Closed Mondays.

Winter Hours Start October 1: 12 Noon to 5pm Wednesday through Sunday.

Closed Monday and Tuesdays

Edited 11-1-16: This all started in 1989 when I found an old farm and 20 acres to buy in Edwardsburg, Michigan.  By old I mean the house was built around 1846 and badly needed updating, a real fixer upper.  This fixing upping is still continuing today as the enclosed porch that was probably added in the 1927 is being deconstructed as I write.  Of course I didn’t see what was, but what could be.  I had an interest in herbs that had been cultivated by an 80 year old herbalist in Niles, Mi. and herbs became my passion.  As time went on my little herbal hobby gained momentum and now it’s a hobby run amuck, thus Nelsons Herbs was born.
We have a Greenhouse, about an acre of public Gardens and ponds, and a 1500 sq. ft. gift shop. The Gift Shop includes a meeting room where I conduct herbal and gardening classes and where we hold our monthly Fermentation Club.  Garden clubs and other groups have been using the room for club meetings and a group of 2nd graders even came out to visit the greenhouse and learn about Rosemary.  The gardens are a place to relax and wander.  We have a medicine wheel garden, 30+ raised beds where we grow our vegetables for our Farm Market and many of the 300+ herbs that we produce for sale in the greenhouse are on display in the Herb Garden behind the Herb Shop.                                                                    We have recently added a 3 acre warm season grassland prairie North of the shop. We plan on turning all of our 17 acres of hay fields into Prairie in the next 5 years and adding a farm pond in the low area. We will cut walking paths through the prairie and be able to use it as a classroom to show how this type of thing will benefit the Pollinators, the native wild life, and the native plant species. We already have our environment certification for both the Farmstead and the Greenhouse and look forward to getting Pollinator, and Native Plant and Wildlife Certification.
We don’t use pesticides.  We rely on beneficial insects to keep the bad bugs at bay and enrich the ground with compost.
In the shop there is more that 300 varieties of bulk Culinary, Medicinal and Herbal Tea herbs for sale along with organic-fair trade loose leaf tea.  Also to be found are books, cards, bath and body items, and food products. On the local front there are handmade soaps and Lotions, Local Raw Honey and Maple syrup, jams, Salsas, seasonings, crocheted hats, and so much more.
As for me personally, I’m somewhat older than I feel most of the time and younger than I feel the rest.  Although I’m technologically challenged I still embrace new technology and love gadgets.  My husband of 40 years died unexpectedly in Dec 2015, but what we built together carries on.  We have 2 sons in there 30’s and they are both great in their own right.  My older son Jason, is my business partner and a driving force. My free time is spent  writing articles for The Edwardsburg Voice, gardening and creating things for the Herb Shop, and walking the shore of Lake Michigan when I get a chance. The lake is where I can say hello to myself again and at times, when I’m overwhelmed, I can breathe again.
I enjoy music of all kinds and since the invention of the I Pod I can listen to all kinds of music depending on my mood.  I’m especially fond of a singer that grew up around here, Carrie Newcomer.  I read a lot.  A couple of my favorite writers are Barbara Kingsolver and Susan Wittig Albert, but I like both fiction and non fiction.  I’m into anything that can keep my brain from getting bored.  I enjoy writing.  I write an article call “The Salt of the Earth” for a local magazine every month.  This has been going on for ten years and over 100 articles, but I still get excited when I start the next article.

Now you know just about as much about me as I do.  Things, and life, are always changing.  There is always a new adventure to explore, lots of gardens to weed, and new friends that I haven’t met yet.  So on with LIFE!


3 responses to “About Us

  1. Ken Hunt

    April 18, 2011 at 4:30 am

    Thats great that you and Ken are still together. You made a good choice there and he definitely made a good choice with you.

    Peace,love,light and true abundancy,


  2. Steven Barnes

    October 29, 2016 at 3:04 pm

    I’ve tried to call three times today and it says that I have reached a non working number. Are you closed for the year till next spring? Please send me an email.
    Thank you,
    Steve Barnes

    • nelsonsherbs

      November 1, 2016 at 2:04 pm

      I apologize, I just checked the number on the About page and the About the Shop Page and the number is correct. We disconnected our land line and are only using our sell phones. The #574-215-8212 is the correct number for Nelson’s Herbs. Karen


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